Wellbeing – API Development

As part of an Office for Students – funded project, codeWest is developing the API and additional web portal services for a new version of the SAM App (Self-help App for the Mind). We are working closely with Bristol app development company MyOxygen who are creating the cross-platform app frontend.

CodeWest developers are using Django/Python to build a standards compliant API and integrating Wagtail CMS to enable a content development workflow for the app, which is planned to have a free and subscription tier, with specialised content for university students, starting with postgraduate researchers / PhDs.

The students involved have enjoyed the technical work and the challenge of collaborating with another company:

“Working on the SAM project, made possible by codeWest has given me invaluable skills and enabled me to learn on the job to deliver an enterprise standard product. I enjoy working at the Foundry, where I have met wonderful minds who are always ready to support you.

Silas Odongo

Posted on 10th October 2019 in 19/20, Projects

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